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my mum said these are my “unofficial official” 4th birthday photos, since we brought tali home on my actual 4th birthday and didn’t get a chance to take any with all the excitement! so happy 2nd 4th birthday to me 🙂

here i am, posed with my toy!

someone’s in the way of my ball…

we had a fun morning at the park!!


waiting… watching… catch!!


this is my favorite toy!



this is Rhaegar, my handsome 1yr old golden! he loves to swim, play fetch, go for rides, and of course be petted and cuddled. he is very energetic and playful, an all around happy goofball. sometimes he’s pretty camera shy, but the best photos are the candid ones anyway. 🙂 ~x-file

it’s me!


come on mum, throw the toy!