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my (sorrowful) girl and I wish everyone a happy holiday season! 


little fish! 

Happy 6th birthday Adi, you are so loved!!

ft. my cousin’s adorable birthday card for aby

blue & green & yellow

surprise, it’s the best puppy!

the happiest dog 

Gemma, 8 week old Portuguese Water Dog

Leia is growing up so beautifully

Five years ago today I brought this radiant girl home

Thank you for your conditional recall and unconditional love of food. Thank you for being so bad at fetch. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me about your fears, because I more than anyone know we all have our weaknesses. Thank you for never peeing inside the house if you can help it, thank you for being so gentle with kids. Thank you for every fear and every failure and every success. Thank you for the constant love.  Thank you for every terrified drive to the vet when something just isn’t right. Thank you for dealing with my haphazard training, thank you for trusting me despite my anxieties. Thank you for nudging my hand whenever I stop petting you, even for a second. Thank you for always alerting us if someone is approaching the house. Thank you for turning my mom into a dog person. Thank you for loving the vet. Thank you for the sunrise walks, the I’ll-be-late-for-school walks, the rainy walks, the hot midday walks, the sunset walks, the midnight walks. Thank you for the reason to wake up on bad days, thank you for all the love you have brought me and my family. Thank you for being my first dog, my best dog, my heart dog. 

Happy Gotcha Day, Addison