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she runs so fast, her ears fly off!

she’s fast she’s very fast

adi adi adi adi

the two loves of my life!!!!

bath time!

wow! you are babey!

I finally settled on a car restraint system: Ruffwear Load Up! I’m decently happy with it – Sleepypod and crating both didn’t work in our situation. I will say this harness probably wouldn’t work if your dog moves around a lot in the car, because it gets tangled very easily. For reference, Adi wears a medium and is 63 lbs and 28 inches around the waist.

she is the brightest light in this world

Adi’s been settling in so well! So proud of my sweet girl. 

She settled within 5 minutes of arriving yesterday. She hasn’t barked once yet, but I’ve been rewarding her for staying quiet when she hears a noise outside the apartment (she perks up and she starts heading towards the door, but I’m able to redirect her). Tomorrow will be the real test because I’ll be at work, but at least she won’t be alone for more than 4 hours at a time. We ran around the park last night and this morning, and she also accompanied my friend and I when hanging out downtown. 

a lady at the pet store said “that’s such a skinny little lab!” and i was like actually she’s about 5 lbs heavier than ideal right now and she was ????????