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i don’t post enough photos of this wonderful d…

i don’t post enough photos of this wonderful dog


random doggy things that i want to remember, feel free to chime in!!! 

adi’s turning 6 on april 28th!!!! definitely think it’s time to get her a nice leather leash and martingale/limited slip collar (if anyone has recommendations LET ME KNOW – I’ve been eyeing this one from Hamilton Hounds forever) 

all harnesses i’ve tried (freedom, petsafe, ruffwear webmaster and frontrange) either fit very strangely or rub under her armpit area until it’s red and raw. if anyone has had good luck with a harness i haven’t mentioned please share! i’ve just resigned to walking on a flat collar while constantly working on loose leash walking; she doesn’t pull nonstop but i would like to have a bit more control because if we go somewhere new she’s super excitable for the first 10 minutes or so. 

sometimes after i give her a treat for walking nicely/sitting when i stop, she’ll immediately pull ahead as if i don’t exist. at a stop-sit, i am working on waiting for a release cue, but  i’m unsure what to do if she pulls right after being rewarded for walking nicely.

on a walk, adi will be go-go-go and definitely tries to pull more in the beginning of the walk. the second i turn around to walk home, she’s an angel and her LLW is much better and she focuses on me so well. similarly, she’s much more excited (and by that I mean: pulling everything, trying to sniff everything, basically ignoring me in every regard) when we go anywhere beyond her usual walk/trail. 

i want to be more consistent (granted, i only see her once every 2 weeks) with working on nail trimming. she tolerates it but i definitely want her to be more comfortable with the dremel and clippers but not really sure how to do that

i’m starting to think she has allergies (probably seasonal) and maybe i’ll schedule a vet visit just to check up on that. 

thinking about working with the behaviorist more consistently – it’s expensive, but she’s really knows her stuff. maybe this summer i’ll have a car!! 



We took a very long walk and found some pretty woods.


looks like adi was scratching her ear and nicked her head with her nail 🙁 there’s a red and swollen bump that wasn’t there an hour ago! i hope it was that and not a bite or something, but if it’s any bigger tomorrow i’ll call the vet 



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rate that dog: schkipperke, podengo medio, gor…

rate that dog: schkipperke, podengo medio, gordon setter, and the visla!

thank you so much!!!

schkipperke (or is it schipperke? who knows!)

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As far as small dogs go I appreciate their spunk and confidence!!! They are more independent and less biddable than I like, in regards to training. I don’t think I’d be the right fit size-wise – I prefer dogs at least 45 lbs – but as far as smaller dogs go they’re near the top of my list! I love following Luca’s adventures at @blueboyluca

podengo medio

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WOW this dog looks cool!!!! I’ve never met one which isn’t surprising since they’ve barely been in the US for a decade. Temperament wise, they seem to have extremely high prey drive which could present some issues (reliable off-leash recall is pretty important to me). Since they are so new to the states, I assume there are few breeders and little genetic diversity but I would love to know more.

gordon setter

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I love me a good gundog… Irish Setters are my fav of the setters and they seem like they’d fit well into my life, bit I’m not totally sure of the differences between setter lines!!! I love the look and temperament of the Irish Setters I’ve met and could definitely see a setter in my future. 


Hate | Not my type | ok | Good | Great! | One of my Favorites! | I LOVE THEM!!

The only viszla I’ve met barked and lunged at my from afar ): That’s all I have to go off, unfortunately!

Let’s Play Rate that DOG!







Shamelessly stealing the idea to do this now from the fishblr post I saw doing it for fish species 🙂

Send me a dog breed (or mix! ((or another animal if you feel like it i mean you do you man im cool)) and I’ll share my personal opinions of it!

Hate | Not my type | ok | Good | Great! | One of my Favorites! | I LOVE THEM!!  

ah y’all should totally harass me with dog breeds


Oh this too, please. Please

I want to play!

pls do this!! 

blue & green & yellow

blue & green & yellow


adi has literally spent 12 hours out of the house, she was absolutely perfect. she went on a long car ride, hiked on coastal bluffs, played in the ocean, politely sniffed or ignored dogs that wandered up, didn’t react at all to being in a noisy/crowded city environment, settled perfectly at a restaurant, an office building, and later at a coffee shop. she got so much love: bikers calling out as they went by, a very excited group of elementary school kids, and an owner of a dog-friendly art gallery. very proud of my best girl.