megpricephotography: OK, I don’t know how many…


OK, I don’t know how many people this will be a problem for but just wanted to share some info for anyone with a Flickr account (especially those who aren’t very active on the site but might have large numbers of photos stored there).

Currently, as of Nov 2018, if you have a free account on Flickr, you get 1TB of storage but as of Jan 2019, that will change & the limit will be 1000 photos.

From Feb 2019 Flickr plans to begin permanently DELETING photos from the free accounts, until you only have a 1000 left (they’ll be removing the oldest images first, working forwards).

So… if you’re currently on a free account which has 1000+ photos & you can’t afford – or don’t want to – pay the $50 for a “Pro account” (which gives unlimited storage) , then you need to start moving the older pictures, or they will be gone forever!!

This is so disappointing! Thank you so much for the PSA. Flickr is where I’ve shared and stored photos for many years. Does anyone know of some good (ideally free) alternatives – somewhere to upload and store/share high resolution photos?