winedogs:I really wasn’t happy with this (over…


I really wasn’t happy with this (overly ambitious & poorly spaced) course BUT in the spirit of #realdogtraining, here is what we did today! Things I like about it: he stayed with me!!! He looked to me for direction instead of making his own decisions! He didn’t lose interest when I went too long without rewarding him! He paid no attention to any of the other three people in the ring! Very proud of my boy!!!!
Things to work on: my own dang handling skills, keeping shorter sequences to make sure he has a way higher success rate, both of us learning more directional cues, my own dang handling skills. I need to teach him more distance skills because he’s already way faster than I can be but again, he is an infant and that’ll come with time. I’m just so impressed with him, he’s such a quick learner that I forget how much I haven’t taught him.

I know nothing about agility but to me it looks like you’re both doing GREAT, I love you and son boy!!!!